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The Ballad of Sorrows

Caden is a killer and he’s exceptionally good at it. As a notorious member of a mercenary guild, he takes on the city’s most dangerous jobs to earn both gold and renown. But when a dangerous monster forces Caden to unleash a forbidden power, he is dragged deep into the underground world under the guise of fame and fortune. But will he succeed against the monsters lurking in the shadows or will he find himself trapped by the deadly plots being spun by the underground crime-lords?



The world is dead, mined and industrialized to death. Now it is time to choose if you will evolve on your own, or if you will have evelolution forced upon you. Which monster will you choose to be?

The Art of Austin Colton

Digital Art, 3D Modeling, Graphic Design

A major portion of Video Game design includes modeling characters, objects, and environment variables. A lot of these assets take time and dedication to build. It is Austin’s goal to help others create amazing works of art. This is why he makes as many of his designs and templates free for download or for purchase. All of the designs are posted here on the website. Click on the link below to begin browsing.


the Art of Austin Colton

Seperated by medium, each gallery shows the complete collection of Austins work. From his first painting to his last, each one has been photographed and added for your enjoyment.

Oil Painting Gallery

Acrylic Painting Gallery

Digital Art Gallery

About Austin

Fantasy Writer and Artist

A jack of all trades and a master of none, he compulsively takes on far too many projects at once. He has found this a good strategy for curing perpetual boredom and a head stuck in the clouds. Austin lives in Salt Lake City Utah where he writes, paints, explores the mountains, and looks for new stories to enjoy.


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