Austin loves to make things up and write them down. When that doesn’t work, he then tries to paint or draw them. Read samples from his new novel and view his painting galleries.

They say you should never judge a book by its cover, but everything we do contradicts that idea. Good books deserve good covers.

Ravens Cross

Caden is a killer and he’s exceptionally good at it. As a notorious member of a mercenary guild, he takes on the city’s most dangerous jobs to earn both gold and renown. But when a dangerous monster forces Caden to unleash a forbidden power, he is dragged deep into the underground world under the guise of fame and fortune. But will he succeed against the monsters lurking in the shadows or will he find himself trapped by the deadly plots being spun by the underground crime-lords?

Oil Paintings, Landscape.


Midnight Hunt, by Jeff Cox

Austin is a fantasy and thriller/horror novelist who writes for older audiences that are looking for stories that engage your mind with intrigue, mystery, epic scope, and the desires of the human heart. Although he has been writing for the better part of a decade, he is still working on officially publishing any of his books. Among the list of completed novels include Ravens Cross, The Terror Veldt, and Secrets of the Spires. While Austin continues to work towards getting them published, he has provided sample chapters and short stories which are available HERE to read free.


As an artist, I have always loved to draw and sketch. Around the time I began to actively write was the time I took an extended break from drawing. I would dabble here and there, but I didn’t prioritize the task among my other goals and obligations. Over time I realized that as a storyteller, the ability to visualize and design things I saw in my mind, would be an invaluable skill that I needed to develop. This realization forced me back into the clutches of my art daemon who has since kept me in its clutches.  I was lucky to be introduced to the wet on wet painting technique made popular by Bob Ross which eased my journey into painting; an art form I’d always wanted to master. Check out my various galleries of traditional and digital art HERE.

We are all self-made, but only the successful will admit it.

Earl Nightingale


“Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world.” -Robert McKee

When was the last time you watched a film where you couldn’t stop thinking about it? Can you remember the last time you opened the first page of a book and didn’t see a single word? How long did the experience last before it faded away and you forgot what enthralled you? 

Most people fall in love with stories at a very young age. These stories shape and influence their lives and can provide inspiration to fuel your dreams. As a film addict, Austin’s love for story grew as he sat down to watch movies as a child. As he grew older, his love for stories transitioned into a love of books as well as video games. Throughout his life, there was nothing he wanted more than to become a writer so he could create amazing stories of his own. 

Austin looks at art not only as an admirer, but as a creator. He believes that you can find inspiration around every turn and that by analyzing stories you can learn how to better create the ones you want to tell. 

If you have a fondness for stories, love finding ones that fuel your passions, evoke emotion, and drive your desire, then you have found the right place. Check out Austin’s work which ranges from books to games to find something new and inspiring.

But since your head’s in the clouds the best advice I found is don’t look down

Four Year Strong

All forms of visual art have been influential in my life and I was lucky to have had my creative potential unlocked at a young age. Learning how to express my creative passions over the course of my life has taught me how to be productive and efficient as possible. Not many writers and novelists paint and draw, and most painters and artists don’t write. The disciplines are not as different as people might think and although they require different skills and mindsets, they can produce such wonderful results when done as complements to each other.

Writing Workshop

Writing Tools

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Motivation is often hard for aspiring writers. Finding good advice is even harder. Our Writing Tools are designed to help writers build a toolbox of writing skills to help them build better stories. We share how you can use these tools to build the best story possible.


 Austin looks at works of art not only as an admirer, but as a creator. He searches for inspiration around ever turn, and analyzes stories the way a creator looks at their work. Keep up to date with weekly blog-posts.

ARK Writer

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ARK Writer is Austin’s YouTube channel which details the good, the bad, and the ugly of modern storytelling is all its mediums. Ark Writer analyzes different mediums of story to better understand what creates the best experience.