No Right Way

a Writing Tools post

There Is No Right Way

No book is the same, no process is the same. There is not only one way for a writer to work. Most importantly, there is no right way. 

What does that mean? 

It means there is no right way to tell your story. This is true because there are as many ways to write your story as there are people who want to tell them. 

People are constantly looking for someone or something to tell them this is the way you need to write to become successful. Many authors, writers, filmmakers, artists, they all have different methods and give their advice about how to tell a story. Although what they say is what worked for them, that does not mean it is what will work for you.

Those who have done something know the limitations, or at least they think they do. But when you don’t know the rules, don’t know the limit, you can go out and do something impossible because no one has made up some stupid rule telling you not to, at least until you have gone ahead and done it. 

I believe there is no right way to tell your story. Find what works for you, write and write some more. And above all else, finish what you start. The only way to find out what process will work for you is to do it. The world is waiting to hear your story, and it’s about time you told it to them. 

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