5 Ways To Get Motivated To Write When You Don’t Know What To Say

When you love to write, you could experience writer’s block at any time. There is no shame in feeling like you do not know what to do, but you need to motivate yourself to write something new. Use these tips to ensure that you can write anything you want, add to your stories, and get back to being productive.

1. Change Universes, Stories, or Worlds

When you do not know what to write, you should try to change your universe, story, or world. You can move on to something else that you have ideas for, or you can write a completely unrelated story. This is a very easy way for you to get the results that you want, and you might go back to the story that was troubling you tomorrow.

2. Talk About The Story With A Friend

Every writer needs at least one friend who will read all their material and help them talk about plots, storylines, or characters. When you share this information with a friend, they can help you get some perspective on your story. If you are sitting in your room, staring at the page, and writing nothing, you will not get anywhere. Open up your stories to other people, allow them to give you advice, and take notes as they talk to you.

When you are talking about stories with your friends, you may want to add them to the story. When you add your friends to your stories, the stories become even more real. You may be more motivated because someone you love is in the story, and you can use that motivation for writing to finish. Because your friends are in the stories, they will want to read them. You will be so excited that you will want to get to the next story as quickly as possible.

3. Change Scenes

If you are determined to keep writing, you should write a different scene. You can change scenes to avoid problems, and you might be able to continue with the story. You can leave a placeholder where the scene will go, and you should take note of it so that you do not forget. Most people who write books or stories do not write in linear order. It is difficult to write a long story without skipping to different sections here and there.

4. Reveal Information About Your Characters

When you need writing motivation, you should start to reveal information about your characters that no one knows. You can write about their childhood, why they drink too much, or why they are so anxious all the time. You can create a backstory for your character that is rich and diverse. That backstory could take over the story you are telling, and you can use that information to make the story even better.

If you are planning to reveal information about one character, you might also want to reveal information about other characters. They may have crossed paths before, and this would be a good way to tie your story together. Do not be afraid to make your world more complex. As long as you take notes, you will not get confused.

5. Set A Soft Deadline

If you need motivation for writing, you should set yourself a soft deadline. You can try to get work done going into that deadline, and you might find that you are more productive if you have an end date in mind. A lot of people need that extra bit of pressure to get going, and you can continue to set deadline dates for all the stories or vignettes you are working on.


When you need writing motivation, you can use any or all the tips above to make your stories richer, more diverse, and more interesting. You can create a brand new universe that did not exist, or you can reveal information about the characters that were not present before. You should also consider changing stories or changing scenes. You can come back and finish this troublesome scene at a later time. No writer is perfect, and you can use these tips to get back to what you love. You might even write about the people you love. 

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