The Importance of Editing

Every human being has the ability and power to use their voice through words and writing. We can all take advantage of our ability to write each and every day. No matter how well or poor of a writer you consider yourself to be, it is always beneficial to write each day. Writing allows you to express your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and creative processes. No other outlet in the world gives you as much freedom as writing does.

If you want to write just to write you can and should. However, if you want to explore the paths that your creative writing has you can take it to the next level. When writing and the power of editing are combined there are endless possibilities. You can edit your work and achieve something amazing that can be shared with others. If you are interested in understanding what the power of editing can do for your writing you should read more.

The Power Of Editing

The power to edit your own thoughts and writing allows you to remove the bad or unconnected thoughts and fill them with connected and exciting thoughts and feelings.

Whenever a person starts to write the first step of the writing process is to pre-write. This important stage of the writing process includes brainstorming, outlining, thinking, researching, and anything else that you may do before you actually start to draft your thoughts. During this creative stage, you are writing down anything and everything that may be beneficial to you.

Once you have your ideas collected and the draft written you can then use a variety of different editing techniques to help you make your ideas and opinions more concise. You can ask yourself “what does revision mean?” and find the best possible revisions to add and remove to enhance your writing. No author, even the best, is able to write without editing. Editing includes much more than just checking for spelling and grammar. It includes making your story or your writing piece better through revisions.

What Does Revision Mean?

A revision is a way to move your writing from one stage to the next. A revision means re-working and re-writing your paper to improve its readability and structure.

Each great writing piece has more than just a single revision. The greatest books, plays, movies, and other literature have gone through many revisions. You can revise your own writing a few times and then also get others to help you revise it. If you are just starting out in writing it may be a great idea to have others help you revise it because they may see or notice things that you do not.

The key to a revision is to understand what you want from your piece. You must re-read your paper multiple times before you fully understand what revisions you want to make. After reading your writing a few times you may decide to take your writing in a different direction. There Is nothing wrong with this and exploring new pathways should always be encouraged, especially in creative writing.

Creative Writing

There are multiple forms of writing that you can take and some are more structured than others. For example, as a college student, you may be asked to write formal research papers. These papers are often very structured and leave little room for creativity.

If you are just writing to write and explore your own thoughts and feelings you are likely going to partake in this type of writing. This type of writing can take many different forms, from playwrights to books to movies. There are endless possibilities.

Whether you want to keep your writing personal and in a journal or you want to share it with the world you can do whatever makes you comfortable and happy. Even if you are just writing for your own pleasure you can always make a revision to an original draft. After you revise you may change your mind and want to share your ideas with others.

This type of writing should be explored by all because it is an engaging and fun way to connect with your own thoughts and feelings. While this type of writing cannot be measured on standardized tests or graded for correctness it allows everyone to explore their creative and curious side.

How To Edit Your Work?

If you are interested in making your original draft better you should always edit your work. Editing your work allows you to bring your work to the next level and can help you shine. No matter who you are or how much skill you have there are always ways to make your work better and these simple tips can help you.

#1) Print It Out: In today’s society, most people use computers to type up their work. This is great because it allows you to quickly jot down all of your ideas. It can be extremely difficult to edit on the computer, though. Even the experts believe that to truly edit your work you must first print it out.

#2) Get A Pen: After you have printed out your work you should get a brightly colored bean and start revising your work. Ask yourself, “what is a revision I could make here?” Asking yourself what revisions you can make may make your work much better than you ever dreamed.

#3) Take A Few Minutes To Rest: Once you have made one revision of your work you should always take a break. A fresh set of eyes is always needed if you want to make your work the best it can be. Allow yourself to get distracted by anything that you can and then once you feel like you had a long enough break, go back to the piece and rise again.

#4) Read It Out Loud: Once you have revised your piece again you can read it out loud to yourself. Reading your piece out loud gives you a new perspective on the piece and helps you get in the mindset of those who will be hearing it. Writing a piece and hearing it are two completely different things. Something hearing your writing can help you make even more revisions. It oftentimes helps you find awkward phrasing and can help you rework your writing to sound natural.

#5) Ask For Help: Once you have read your work out loud and rewrote it you can ask a friend or colleague for advice. If you have someone who is willing to help you it can make a huge difference. Remember, you should always ask your friends to be critical and true. Do not let them tell you that everything is perfect.

#6) Rewrite: The final thing you should then do is to rewrite your work. If it is an ongoing process you may need to do these steps multiple times.

Having an end goal in mind is great, however, your goals may change as you revise. Writing is never a final process and the power of always editing your work can help you find new paths for your writing and your life. Editing your work allows you to take on new challenges and adventures that you never thought possible.

Why Edit Your Work?

No matter who you are or what your goal is there are always many reasons to edit your work. If you are in school and are trying to write a paper that you eventually receive a grade on it is crucial that you edit your work. Checking for proper grammar and spelling will be key if you are in school, but so will theme and connectivity. If you have scattered thoughts and ideas it will be very difficult to understand the theme of your paper. Editing your paper before turning it in can help you avoid these errors and can help you make the best paper possible.

While you are in school you should be learning the correct way to edit a paper. There are many different philosophies about editing and some teachers may even say this is the most important stage of the writing process. The techniques that you use to edit a paper are completely up to you and should be under your control. When you feel like you have control over your own work it can help you create the best piece of writing possible.

If you are writing for fun you should still consider editing your work. Editing your work allows you to remove and add ideas to your piece that you may have thought about later in the piece. Adding and removing ideas can help bring your piece to life. It can take on a form of its own and before you know it you could be a famous author.

If you are a professional writer you likely already know the importance of writing and editing. It can take just an average piece of work to the next level. It can set you apart from all others and make sure you get noticed for your excellence.

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The Importance of Editing

The power to edit your own thoughts and writing allows you to remove the bad or unconnected thoughts and fill them with connected and exciting thoughts and feelings.

How to Edit Your Manuscript

There are many ways to edit your manuscript. Finding the method that is the best method for you will enable you to have the results you are seeking.

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