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Nature is incredibly beautiful, from the animals, the trees, and the mountains, there is a little something for everyone. Living in the state of Utah, I’ve been surrounded by mountains for the larger part of my life. The weather and mountains here combine provides some of the most incredible sunsets. Along with photographing stunning settings to capture the color and beauty, I bring to life visions of my own through painting and drawing. Check out both my variety of artwork separated into several different galleries based on the medium.

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From exotic places to ski resorts, the list is almost endless and we have an offer for you.

Capturing Beauty With Paint

The world is a beautiful place. Painting let’s you capture the majestic colors of nature to create a landscape of your own.

Oil Painting

From the first oil painting to his latest, view Austin’s entire gallery to draw inspiration and gain insight to the wonderful world hiding in your paintbrush.

Acrylic Painting

From the first painting to the latest, view Austin’s entire gallery to see how you too can start out with no experience and learn to paint.

Digital Artwork

New projects spring up all the time. Be the first to view behind the scenes sketches and images for upcoming books, paintings, and games.

Charcoal Drawings

From doodles to expert sketches, charcoal is an amazing medium which can bring to life images allows for great subtly.

They say you should never judge a book by its cover, but everything we do contradicts that idea. Good books deserve good covers.

Original paintings, prints, and other works of art are for sale. Custom paintings can be commissioned and although each work of art is unique, I will happily paint a similar painting in the same style of sold pieces. For more information please contact me using the form below:

About Austin

He likes to make things up and then write them down.

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