“One Must Be A Little Crazy To Write A Good Novel”

-John Gardener

What distinguishes a good writer from a bad one?

Every artist wants validation, wither it be love, adoration, money, ect. Success is one of the greatest validators of Art and for all of you who want to become good writers, good tools will be need and help you get there.

It seems to me that the distinguishing factor that separates a good fiction writer from a bad one is the tools they use to tell their story. A master carpenter will have dozens if not a hundred tools to shape the wood in whichever way they see fit. A master blacksmith will have hammers, anvils, furnaces, and an array of other tools for crafting metalwork. I see no difference between the master craftsman who’s skill is enhanced by the tools they use and a writers skill. The more tools a writer has available to them, the better off they will be at forging the wonderful story they are trying to tell.

The purpose of this blog is to help writers find tools that can help them shape their stories from basic ideas to masterworks.

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The Importance of Editing

The power to edit your own thoughts and writing allows you to remove the bad or unconnected thoughts and fill them with connected and exciting thoughts and feelings.

How to Edit Your Manuscript

There are many ways to edit your manuscript. Finding the method that is the best method for you will enable you to have the results you are seeking.

Ways to Start a Story

It may be your dream to write a novel or simply to show your creativity through a short story, but setting out on any story can be difficult. Learn how to stand out by starting your story the right way.

Ways to Describe a Voice

Learning how to improve descriptions of voices does not have to be challenging. This simple guide will help you take your writing to the next level by changing the way you describe people’s voices.

Aspiring Writer

It would not come to be a surprise that almost every writer is an avid daydreamer. I myself have found escape and excitement in the fantasies of my mind and in near constant daydreams.

Character Development Questions

If there is anything that can make or break a story, its characters. Poorly written, uninteresting, unrealistic, or inconsistent characters can turn readers off from your story within a few short pages.

No Right Way

No book is the same, no process is the same. There is not only one way for a writer to work. Most importantly, there is no right way. This means there is no right way to tell your story.

How to Avoid Terrible Writing Advice

As writers, we often find ourselves taking advice from rather terrible sources. To be fully honest and frank, the real reason that most of us give up on our dream is that we look in the wrong places for advice.

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