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Creativity is intelligence having Fun” -Albert Einstein

I am a fantasy and thriller/horror novelist who writes for older audiences that are looking for stories that engage your mind with intrigue, mystery, epic scope, and the desires of the human heart. Although I have been writing for the better part of a decade, I have yet to publish any of my works. My completed novels include Ravens Cross, The Terror Veldt, and Secrets of the Spires. While I continue to work on getting them published, I have provided sample chapters along with brief introductions to my stories down below. Enjoy….

The Valonkesure Chronicle

The Valonkesure Chronicle follows the story of Caden, a mercenary, who has the dangerous ability to burn things and convert them to fire. Follow his adventures as he deals with the dark underground, battles vicious monsters, and navigates the politics of the most most notorious city of the southern lands.

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Book One: Ravens Cross

Caden is a killer, always has been, always will be. As a notorious member of a mercenary guild, he takes on the cities most dangerous jobs to earn both gold and renown. But when a dangerous monster forces Caden to unleash a hidden power, he is dragged into the underground world that will either provide him an escape to a better world or end his life. Will he succeed against the monsters lurking in the shadows; beastly and human alike? Or will he find himself trapped in the conniving plotters that are ever spinning their delicate webs of lies and deceit?

The Terror Veldt

A horror novel.

Not Official Cover

What do you do when you cant trust your mind?

Insomnia can mess with your mind, make it difficult to function, and disturbs normal life. What if that wasn’t the only thing wrong with you? Morgan doesn’t just live her daily life with insomnia, she suffers from night terrors. When violent and disturbing killings begin to happen in her small collage town, she will find herself trapped between dream and reality.


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