The goal is not to create a review that is like a wikipedia entry, a detailed book report, or entire plot summary. The purpose is to give a general analysis which will help each move find a greater audience. This may not be possible in all cases, but our goal is to identify the best aspects of any story and express the emotional connection the film created with its audience.

This outline details the way Austin creates and outlines the book review process. The goal is not to create a detailed book report or summary, but to give a general analysis which will help each book find a greater audience. This may not be possible in all cases, since not every story resonates with every individual. For this reason, the stories and books which will be focused upon fall under the categories of which Austin is interested. Nothing is more painstakingly awful than to read a review from a critic that 1) had no interest in the genre or story. 2) did not finish the reading the book. 3) misunderstood the purpose and goals of the books author. A review is only as good as its reviewer and is only effective if there is a set standard created that can be understood by both the the reviewer and audience.

All reviews are subjective to the opinions, taste, and perspective of each individual person. Just because you or anyone else feels a certain way does not mean this is the right way to feel. Art is subjective, but that does not mean you can not look at art through a focused lense and subject it to objective review and criticism. 


  • Genre?
  • Premise/Story Question?
  • Did it deliver on expectations? 
  • Did it hit emotional beats?
  • Did anything fall flat?
  • Was it original/present new ideas?
  • If based on source material, how well was it adapted?

The Acting:

  • Best performance? Why?
  • Worst performance? Why?
  • Did the effort show through?


  • Direction?
  • Special Effects?
  • Cinematography?
  • Music/Sound?
  • Writing?


  • Rewatchability?
  • Enjoyment? 
  • Grade: A-F
  • Call to action

“If a million people see my movie, I hope they see a million different movies”

-Quentin Tarantino

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