Take Time Every Day to Think

Take Advantage of your Mind

There is no substitute for thought. Perhaps one of the greatest feats a human being can preform is the creation of art through ideas. When we use our minds, we take advantage of the gold mine inside our heads.

Finding good ideas is a lot like prospecting for gold. Not every rock is going to contain gold, but as you sift through the sand, slowly but surly you get rid of what you aren’t looking for and find the treasure you seek. Taking time to think, to write ideas down, and reviewing your ideas to think upon them again will help you to find the golden ideas that will bring you success.

“You fail only if you stop writing”

– Ray Bradbury

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As writers, we find that the hardest part about writing is sitting down to do the work. We need sources of inspiration and motivation to keep us going. Writing Wednesday is dedicated to helping writers discover new tools to add to their toolbox so they can finally tell the story they need to tell.

Become a Professional

Act the part of the person you want to become

Is there a distinguishing factor between an amateur and a professional? What is that difference?
I would argue that it is not success that determines your status but your attitude of mind. Even the most unskilled artist can be lucky, but it takes more than just luck to be a professional. It all begins with acting like you would if you already achieved your goal. Simple to understand, hard to put into practice.

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Determination Over Motivation

Chase your dreams

Artists experience bouts of motivation which often initiate a new creative project. But a lot like a firework, they explode in a quick flash and vanish. Though it is difficult to keep yourself motivated, determination is what ultimately leads all artists to success. Determination is like a coal train. It may take time and a lot of work to keep the train fueled, but with grit and determination, you will eventually get where you want to go.

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